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Comodo ModSecurity protection rules are now integrated into cPanel/WHM and can be activated from the 'Security Center'.


  • Sign in to your cPanel/WHM (root) account

    Important Note: cPanel ModSecurity Vendors are not compatible with the CWAF plugin. So, you can't use both in parallel for the management of your protection rules.

    Don't activate both Comodo Rule Sets for Apache and LiteSpeed simultaneously to avoid conflicts.

  • Click the 'Security Center' tab from the left menu, then 'ModSecurity Vendors'
  • Click 'Add Vendor' in the 'ModSecurity Vendor Manager' screen.

In the 'Add Vendor' page, enter the vendor configuration URL depending on your webserver type.

  • Enter the appropriate URL in the 'Vendor Configuration URL' field and click 'Load'

    The vendor details will be fetched and automatically filled in the fields.

  • Click the 'Save' button.

  • That's it. Comodo ModSecurity Rules Set is now activated in cPanel.

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