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Much like the cPanel/WHM installer for CentOS, cPanel has made it really easy to install the DNSOnly service. First, make sure you have a clean new server to install the DNS service onto.

Preparing your environment

Log in to your virtual machine via SSH using Putty (Windows) or Terminal (Mac) using the root user provided in your welcome email. It is always recommended to update the server's repositories using the following command before performing the installation: yum update -y --skip-broken

Installing cPanel DNSOnly

Once your environment is prepped we need to ensure we are in the right directory. Change to the home directory of your VPS using the command:

cd /home

Now let's get the installer from cPanel:

curl -o latest-dnsonly -L

Now run the installer using the command:

sh latest-dnsonly

Note: As cPanel DNSOnly may take up to an hour to install, we recommend running the command inside a screen. You can install screen with yum install screen -y and run it by executing the screen command.

That's it, now just login to the DNS manager to ensure it is running correctly. This works in the same way as WHM. http://YOUR-IP:2086/

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