How to switch from mod_ruid2 to mod_suexec? Print

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  1. Log in to WHM and go to EasyApache.
  2. Customize your current profile.
  3. Navigate to "Apache Modules" and tick "mod_ruid2" off.
  4. Search for mod_suexec and enable it.
  5. Select "Review" on the left-hand side and provision the new Apache build.

Tip: Make sure to enable "mod_suphp" too and from the MultiPHP Manager (WHM), make sure to select "mod_suphp" as the PHP handler. (If you forget to enable mod_suphp, it might cause an issue to the PHP scripts/CMS, like the temp directory is missing).

Screenshot: WHM > MultiPHP Manager (root)

If you would like more information on the difference between these two modules, this can be found here:
mod_ruid2 vs mod_suexec

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